Devanis Tree

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In Feb 2021, an incident that was instigated by a forest officer trying to protect a Crudia Zeylanica plant thats blocking highway development project has created much public debate and outcry.

Is Mrs. Devani Right or Wrong? is there any other tree besides these? About a million posts have been written about this issue. Everyone is talking about this incident as a single incident.

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But the problem here is not Devani’s tree. It is important to understand why a single tree has caused a great deal of controversy today. Otherwise, this noise too has become a great commotion and the government will have to withdraw it again on the day the noise becomes a wave. On such a day, the people stop cutting down the trees, build a road around it, build a golden fence around the tree and erect a memorial plaque with a politician.

What happens to the credibility of the government when it has to change government decisions one by one?

Our friends in the government need to understand that the main reason why people are shouting is the indifference shown by the Gotabhaya government towards the environment. Especially when it comes to the environment, it is clear that the government has no idea about it. Looking at the last one and a half years, it is clear that the environment has no place in other government policies.

For example, it is seen that this government is taking various steps to release lands as there are no lands for people to cultivate. Can you explain the reasons for these decisions based on the results of any research? Is there a shortage of land for insect lands or industries in our country at present? Is it possible to ensure that the productivity of the existing lands is maximized?

If the government formulates such an appropriate environmental policy, approves the rules and regulations required to implement it in Parliament, and takes appropriate steps to protect the environment, and the public sees that such measures will be taken, they will not turn into a wave even if a hundred Devanis shout.

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